Apartments for Rent near Ithaca NY.

Looking for an apartment to rent near Ithaca NY, Cornell University or Ithaca College? If your standards are high and you enjoy working with responsible people who take pride in their properties and the quality of their work, be sure to check out what Ithaca Artisan has available.

Ithaca Artisan Apartments:

We have a tenant looking for a roommate(s) at one of our properties. Must be neat, clean and responsible, and fond of dogs and cats. Please contact us immediately if you are interested in looking in to this! Thanks, Ann

We are once again all filled up for 2014-2015. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us via the link (below left, under Primary Links) if you wish to be added to our call list if another place opens up! Thanks!

Our Apartments:

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What makes us different?

    >  Why chose Ithaca Artisan over the wide variety of apartments available in Ithaca? Here are a few points to consider:

  • We live here, too (No waiting for an absentee landlord...)
  • We've built our places from the ground up (We built top quality and we are justifiably proud of our places... and there is No Lead Paint anywhere)
  • We're not so big, but we're not too small, either (You're not a number, but you're not dealing with amateurs, either) 
  • We've been in the rental business for over 20 years (Lots of experience)
  • We do almost all our own service work (Much less waiting!)
  • We're pet friendly (Hurray!)
  • We have real kitchens (Emeril, eat your heart out)
  • Our properties give you room to breathe (You're not stacked like battery chickens nor squished together like feedlot beef. We don't treat our animals that way, why would we treat people that way?)
  • We're family built, family owned, family operated (No corporate structure!)
  • Last but not least, check out our Testimonials page...


A new undertaking on Ann's part: employing the principles of Reiki plus some uncommon sense to help animals and their humans achieve greatly improved health and harmony.  This page is under construction. When done, there will be a lot of information regarding Reiki for Animals and related material.  

Life in Ithaca and the Finger Lake Region

There are many different aspects of Ithaca that must be seen first hand to fully understand Ithaca's unique region. Here are a few that will show you why this place is so very special.

Useful Tools

More regarding your apartment, such as expectations and lease agreement documents, and a tenant reference guide.


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